Réflexions et discussions sur la traduction, la rédaction et le marketing ainsi que sur l'entrepreneuriat, l'équilibre de vie, les prioritiés, les passions. Sur la vie, quoi.



Thoughts and discussions about translationwriting and marketing as well as entrepreneurship, work-life balance, priorities, passions and well, life.


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It never ends: there is always something new and interesting to stuff into our brain. Whether or not that information is useful right away is unimportant. It's worthwhile regardless. Finding that information, however, can be time-consumin. Some people have made it their day job to research and share relevant content. So why not cut to the chase and benefit from their work, right? Let me introduce you to a few of my favourite podcasts. I've done the research work; believe me, they are worth your time. Get on board... ____________________ 1. Stuff You Should Know Josh and Chuck are just plain hilarious and always great fun to listen to. They are also excellent at explaining concepts of all kin

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