Réflexions et discussions sur la traduction, la rédaction et le marketing ainsi que sur l'entrepreneuriat, l'équilibre de vie, les prioritiés, les passions. Sur la vie, quoi.



Thoughts and discussions about translationwriting and marketing as well as entrepreneurship, work-life balance, priorities, passions and well, life.


Goodbye, guilt!

For the last two years, I have worked for myself full-time. For 5 years before that, I did so part-time. If you calculate quickly, I have spent the last 7 years investing in my business without having or needing a boss who looks over my shoulder. I have enjoyed not having to report the exact minute at which I started my day, how long I took over lunch, and whether or not that was really a dentist appointment. Seven years of freedom then, right? Right. Why then do I still feel guilty when I stay at the breakfast table a little longer than usual for a chat with my husband? Why then do I still feel guilty shutting the computer off early on a Friday afternoon to go to the beach? Why then do I st

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