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Save Time, Increase Efficiency

If you're lucky, you have a few minutes of time left for yourself at the end of the day. But chances are you are like most of us and the day slips from your grasp before you've had time to finish all you wanted to do.

Well, here are a few tools that will help you save precious seconds and spend it in a more productive manner...

Accounting & Invoicing

Freshbooks (

Honest to goodness, my lifesaver... This software keeps track of all your invoices, projects (and the time spent on them), and suppliers. You can send estimates in a matter of seconds, your clients can view all of their outstanding invoices from their online profiles, track expenses, print reports and accept Paypal, debit and credit payments through their platform. No need to wait until the end of the month to invoice your clients; stay on top of your finances every day. That's your lifeblood as an entrepreneur.

Kashoo (

Kashoo is the perfect addition to Freshbooks (...they integrate together). What Freshbooks lacks in book-keeping capabilities, Kashoo has in spades. Keep track of accounting expenses and reconcile your bank accounts. Its reporting is more in-depth than Freshbook's and can save you loads of time come year-end.

Tax Planning Guide (

Developed by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, the Tax Planning Guide is a free website meant to simplify Canada's income tax code so anybody can understand it. It's worth keeping close at hand and consulting on a regular basis to avoid year-end surprises.

Project Management

Trello (

Trello is cloud-based project management that easily lets you organize projects and share dashboards with friends and colleagues. Jump into 21st century and never forget anything again!

Basecamp (

Basecamp is like Trello on steroids. Even the most complicated projects can be successfully managed through this platform. With documents uploaded directly in a project, emails tracked per person per task and much much more, chaos is made clear.

Graphic Design

The Noun Project (

Stop looking for icons for your projects: they are all here! From signs to sports to cooking to flags, just type in a keyword and start scrolling. With over 150,000 icons, you're going to find what you need!

Canva (

Unless you're a graphic designer, custom visuals are out of your reach. This is where Canva comes in: graphic design at your fingertips. Start from scratch or use of their pre-designed templates and make them your own.

Translation and Writing


Not sure how to translate something? Type it in and see examples for thousand of translations that other people have done. Of course, sources have not been reviewed so you have to take what you find with a grain of salt but it might send you on the right track. It has gotten my brain juin flowing on many, many occasions.

Termium (Canadian Resource)

TermiumPlus is a resource maintained by the Government of Canada's Translation Bureau. It is a database that contains almost 4 million English and French terms, including all sorts of official translations as used by government agencies throughout the country. Every entry includes links to the sources where the terminology information was found, greatly helping a language professional navigate through rather complicated situations.


By the time I am done writing a text, I have read it so many times that my eyes do not catch all the spelling mistakes in it. This is when I copy it all (or upload it) into Grammarly. The software quickly highlights the spelling mistakes, sentence structure issues and more. This is often the last needed step in making sure no problem get by me. Worth every second of your time.

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